inspireWiT Conference 7th April, Nottingham, UK // inspireWiT Conference 7th April, Nottingham, UK // inspireWiT Conference 7th April, Nottingham, UK // inspireWiT Conference 7th April, Nottingham, UK //

inspireWiT Conference is a technology-focused day for women and people of all gender minorities—inspiring everyone! 7th April 2018 Nottingham, UK

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About inspireWiT

inspireWiT is a one-day conference in Nottingham, UK. It includes talks, workshops and (a whole load of) inspiration. Completely open and free for everyone to attend, it is a celebration of the achievements of people of all gender minorities in technology. You are a designer, rebel, disruptor, engineer, programmer, technologist, strategist, inspiration, alchemist, researcher, facilitator, advocate and role model.


Thomson Reuters
Experian GitHub MHR

University of Nottingham - Schools of Mathematical Sciences and School of Computer Science

School of Computer Science and School of Mathematical Sciences

Node4 Dambuster Studios

inspireWiT would not be possible without their generous support.


Please note that this schedule is provisional.

09:30–10:00 Doors + Registration
10:00–11:25 Welcome and Talks
11:25–11:55 Refreshment break
11:55–12:55 Talks and Panel
12:55–14:30 Lunch
14:30–15:45 Workshops
15:45–16:15 Refreshment Break
16:15–17:30 Workshops
17:35–17:50 Closing


More to be announced soon!

Feel free to tweet us @inspirewit! Or use the hashtag #inspireWiT!



Pathways into tech for sixth-form and college students
A session tailored towards sixth-form and college students. Students from both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University will share their experiences of their journey into University and their life as a student. There will also be people who have gone into technology without a degree who will share their path. This will be followed by a chance to find out more in a Q&A session.

Rose Bonsier

Theatre Lighting in Practice
A workshop looking at the development of live event lighting, current practice and its advancement in to the future.

Zulekha Chaudhry and Lorna Byrnes

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python!
Have you ever wanted to learn Python but never knew where to start? Fear not! Get ready to master data types, loop through loops and summon forth the objects at our workshop (those faint of heart are also welcome!).

Hazel Seanor

Web Scraping and Bot Making with Python
Learn how to get data from any website and do cool stuff with it, using Python and Beautiful Soup 4. Basic Python experience required.

Nicole Solarte-Tobon

Introduction to Interactive Storytelling
Learn how to make your writing immersive and interactive using the software Twine. This short workshop will introduce you to the features of twine and how you can incorporate it into your writing and projects. Twine is a great online tool that you can use to make text based adventures and games by incorporating HTML and CSS. No previous experience is necessary for this workshop.

Amy Dickens and Abdulhakim Ajetunmobi

Introduction to Git
Join GitHub Campus Reps Abdul & Amy for an introduction to all things Git. In this workshop we will take you through the basics of Git, from understanding why we use version control and what a repository is; to making your very first commit. We welcome all levels and there is no coding knowledge necessary to be able to take part.


Find us at the Broadway Cinema, 14–18 Broad Street, Nottingham, England, NG1 3AL. It is easily reached by public transportation (tram and bus station Lace Market).